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Welcome :)
Welcome to ACME-BEST.ORG, A One-Stop Online Information & Resources Centre, Website, Blog, And Portal On Martial Arts & Arts of Self Defence (Self Defense) From All Over The World. Worldwide Martial Arts & Self-Defence Skills (Modern & Ancient).

"Martial art" is more than a skill for fighting or self-defence (self defense). "Martial-art" is also a very good for fitness, stamina, sport, recreation, exercise, good health, weight control, and especially for mastery of self (body and mind).

Many types of "martial art" from all over the world are also suitable for the whole family, regardless of gender or age. "Martial art" can be a great family activity for bond building, self-cultivation, character building and self-discipline.

The Great Martial Art Teachers / Masters / Gurus Of The World

Most of the great martial art teachers / masters / gurus / laoshi / sensei / shifu of the world, happened to be great thinkers and philosophers too. Very often they are also spiritual leaders of charisma, to their disciples and students.

Sufficient mastery and control over our mind and body through regular disciplined exercise and practice, over a certain period of time, will help a person discover great wisdoms and depth of thinking. That's why martial art is also a favourite path for cultivating, by those who are seeking "the truth" and "the way".

Martial art can help a person discover strength, courage, and calm in his heart and mind. When we have total mastery and control of our physical body and our mind, we will have calm and peace, and with it, we will be able to observe, contemplate and analyse things very clearly.

Chaotic amidst calmth; Calm amidst chaos.
Weakness behind might; Strength behind softness.
Rest, while moving; Movements, while resting.
Balance, equilibrium; The Yin & The Yang.
Empty limbs act as weapons; Weapons act as limbs.
Teacher becomes student; Disciple becomes master.
Enemies, become friends; Friends, become foes;
Opponent becomes self; Self becomes opponent;
Who is who? What is what? To fight or to flight?
Winning is losing? Losing is winning? .....

Martial-Art Training Helps A Person Master Over Self

"Martial art" helps a person masters over self physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The regular trainings and the rigorous regimentations stretching over a long period, will enhance a personís character, if he truly puts his heart and soul into them.

Dedicated martial-artists will notice that as time goes by, apart from greater control of their physical body and reflexes, they will also have better self-discipline, greater self-confidence, and stronger self-reliance. Their self-respect will also increase as their level of dignity increases.

Another obvious change that takes place is in the martial-artistís heart. The more powerful and skillful a martial-artist can fight, the more he doesnít want to fight.

Yes, the path of non-violence comes naturally when you have reached a certain level of self mastery. You will realise that you prefer to diffuse an explosive situation, instead of adding fuel to it Ö and very often you are in control.

"Know yourself, know your enemy Ö 100 battles, 100 victories. On the other hand, to be able to subdue your enemy without fighting, is the ULTIMATE VICTORY!!!"
- Sun Tzuís Art of War (Sun Zi Bing Fa)

Yes, an accomplished martial-artist does not fight just because he is angry or provoked. He will not be emotional. He will be rational. He fights only when he CHOOSES to because that might be the only way to resolve the conflict Ö when there is really no other better option available.

A practitioner of martial art, will always have total control over self and act / react appropriately to all situations in life. He / she is a "warrior", "seeker", "defender" and "teacher" to others who are less trained and empowered.

Thank you for dropping by. We hope you have found the information you are looking for. Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to email us. Thank you.

best regards,
Online Resources About The Martial Arts Of The World.

Bagua (Pakua) ("Ba2 Gua4")
Bai He (White Crane) ("Bai2 He4")
Bajiquan ("Ba2 Ji2 Quan2")
Gongfu (Kungfu) ("Gong Fu")
Hongquan (Hong Kuen) ("Hong2 Quan2")
Houquan (Monkey's Fist) ("Hou2 Quan2")
Huojiaquan (Fok Kar Kuen) ("Huo4 Jia Quan2")
Liuhebafa (Liuhopafa) ("Liu4 He2 Ba Fa3")
Nanquan (Southern Fist) ("Nan2 Quan2")
Qigong (Chi Kung) ("Qi4 Gong")
Qinna (Chin Na) ("Qin2 Na2")
Shaolin ("Shao4 Lin2")
Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) ("Tai4 Ji2 Quan2")
Tanglangquan (Preying Mantis Fist) ("Tang2 Lang2 Quan2")
Tuishou (Push Hands) ("Tui Shou3")
Waidangong ("Wai4 Dan Gong")
Wudang (Moudong) ("Wu3 Dang")
Xianggong ("Xiang Gong")
Xingyi (Hsing-I) ("Xing2 Yi4")
Yingzhua (Eagle's Claw) ("Ying Zhua3")
Yongchun (Wing Chun) ("Yong3 Chun")
Zuiquan (Drunken Fist) ("Zui4 Quan2")
Aiki Jujutsu
Shorinji Kempo
Bando (Burma / Myanmar)
BŲke (Mongolian Wrestling)
Capoeira (Brazil)
Escrima (Philippines)
Jiu Jitsu (Brazilian)
Jogo do Pau (Portugese)
Kalarippayattu (India)
Kurash (Uzbekistan)
Muay Thai (Kick Boxing) (Thailand)
Pankration (Greek)
Sambo (Russian)
Silambam (India)
Silat (Malaysia)
Yagli Gures (Oil Wrestling) (Turkish)


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